Introducing Me

To those who have followed me before and have noticed that my past posts were deleted: No, I wasn’t hacked. I chose to delete them.

To those who are new here, you’re probably thinking, ‘Introducing Me? Isn’t that from Camp Rock?’: Yes, yes it is.

I decided to start fresh with my blog, and what better way to do that than to introduce myself? My name is Shane Margarett K. Peralta, I’m a 25 year old registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. No, we are not ‘Masahistas’ . And well, that’s it I guess. If I told you everything I knew about myself, it would probably look like a CV!

If you want to know more about me then you’re going to have to stand in line. I am the last person who really knows who I am. I started wondering, How can you introduce yourself when you don’t really know who you are?

I don’t know about you guys but for the most part of my life, everything I wanted, everything I aspired to be, everything I loved, was because of the influence of other people. For example, I started loving anime because the girls that I hung out with back at grade school were obsessed with it. At highschool, I loved Japanese dramas because my current group of friends loved it! I became a Physical Therapist because that was what my father wanted me to be. I ended up loving my course, but still, I didn’t love it on my own.

I always wanted what other people wanted. I think that it’s because of this that I have truly lost myself. I don’t know what really want anymore. I don’t know what my dreams are. I don’t know where my passion lies. I don’t know who I am.

This is why I started to write here in my blog again. I’ve always had a passion for writing. Sadly, I never really did have the talent for it. But here I am, trying to write and write, just like what 13 year old ME did. I am hoping that through writing, I will be able to find myself. Through writing I will be able to finally Introduce Myself.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Processed with VSCO with a7 preset


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