Sunday Valencia Photo Walk

While the boys were out racing, my mother, sister and I decided to go to Valencia to buy some fresh fruits and take photos! My mom recently bought a Canon 70D and she wanted to try it out and I am in need of new photos for the gram! ❤


Valencia is a few minutes from Dumaguete. Since it’s basically situated in the mountain-side, the fruits and vegetables are fresh and very cheap.

You see a LOT of people there and there’s always a good opportunity to shoot a photo. However, one thing you must always remember when you’re on a photo walk:: ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION BEFORE TAKING SOMEONE’S PHOTO. Some people don’t mind having their pictures taken and if you can take a photo of someone without being obvious then that’s fine. But it’s best if you ask permission first.

Here are some of the photos that I took. I use a Canon EOS 100D with a 50mm lens. 🙂



Excited for more photo walks in the future!

Till I Write Again…



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