Year End Thoughts!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

2017 was one heck of a rollercoaster ride. I can’t tell if there were more UPS than DOWNS but it was definitely a year to remember. Before the year ends I thought that it would be a great idea to just try and write down the most memorable events of this year.


2017 was the year I went out of my comfort zone and just pursued what I loved doing: Photography! I feel like 2017 was a major turning point in terms of my photography skills. I learned how to do manual. I got my first nifty fifty. I actually went out with total strangers to do shoots all around Cebu! It was scary but definitely worth it in the end. I got to meet new photographers who taught me a LOT about photography and I met models who were extremely talented and just delivered every single shoot!


For the first time in forever, I was finally able to step foot in one of the US islands. haha. In my family, I’m the only one who was denied a US visa, so my family have been to the US countless times while I stayed home to take care of our store. BOO! But last July, I was finally granted a temporary visa and was able to go to Guam with Nanay!

3.  I failed my NPTE.

Now this was definitely the most heartbreaking and disappointing event of the year. I only needed 6 points to pass after all. It would have been better if I really, really failed! My family spent a lot of money just to send me to Guam to take the exam. Everyone really expected me to pass and was very surprised that I didn’t. Spent one day at home just to try and recover. But honestly, now that I look back, it happened for a reason! Because…


Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Since 2015, I was preparing to go to the US to work there. Spent most of my 2016 and early 2017 just reviewing, then stopping, then reviewing, then stopping again. It was only when I failed my NPTE that I realized that the US wasn’t meant for me. On the day that I received the news that I failed, I also received another news from my agency that the AMERICAN DREAM was getting harder and harder to attain. I would have probably spent another 2 years of schooling just to go to the US. Honestly, I wasn’t up for that anymore. I was sick of everything. It was on that same day that I started to ask around for New Zealand. 1 month later, I stepped off the plane and arrived in New Zealand. So I guess, failing that exam didn’t mean I wasn’t good enough. It meant that God has better plans for me.

5. I learned to let go.

This year was the year that I finally let go of my past. It was hard. Took me more than a year to finally decide that I don’t want to be in a relationship that was more toxic than healthy. I finally learned to listen to that little voice in my head that always knew that we were never going to last. It was the best decision ever! Although it gets lonely at times, I’m happy that I’m single and thriving for my future!

There are a lot more memorable events during 2017 but it involves my family now and some things are meant to be kept private. ❤ Excited to leave 2017 and start 2018! My only 2 New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. To put GOD in the center of my life. I just want to let him take the wheel (cue in Jesus take the wheel music 🙂 haha. )
  2. To be the best version of myself. This year I just want to learn how to love and appreciate me! 😀

Happy New Year everyone!

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