Best Chicken in Newmarket, Auckland NZ???

I was walking around Newmarket with 2 hours to spare before my afternoon shift starts when I realised that I haven’t had a bite to eat since last night. I was starving and cold because it’s raining here in Auckland. It was then that I remembered the chicken place that my friend Eli brought me.

After walking around for awhile, I found the place. the BITE is near Newmarket station and it’s on one of the streets in Broadway. It’s in 3 Kent St, Newmarket Auckland. It’s inside the yellow Asian Supermarket building.

I kid you not, their chicken is the best chicken I’ve ever tasted here in Auckland. One thing to know about me is that I NEVER eat in the sample place again when I don’t enjoy the food or if the price is totally not worth it.

At 10nzd, you can already taste their original taiwanese chicken (my favorite). Add 2.50nzd to that and you get one whole meal with rice and hard boiled egg! Over all, the meal you see above cost me 16.50nzd. It was totally totally worth it! I wasn’t even able to finish the chicken! I just kept it for my dinner.😂

Another plus? The place is totally instagrammable. If someone were here with me, I would’ve asked them to take my photo. But as always, I’m alone… 😔 JK!

If ever you find yourself in Newmarket, be sure to drop by this place. Their chicken is a definite must try!

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