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Mount Victoria Devonport

They say that travelling can mend a broken heart. Well, I guess that’s totally true!

My friend (who was suffering from a broken heart, yes, it’s not me 😏), took me and two other girl friends to one of the most magical places in Auckland, New Zealand: Mount Victoria Devonport.

Mount Victoria, or Takarunga, is the highest volcano in North Shore, Auckland. It’s located on one of the most beautiful bayside villages in Auckland with buildings like this:

Mount Victoria is pretty much accessible. First, you need to reach Devonport. You can do this via car, ferry or bus. When you reach Devonport, Mount Victoria is only a stone’s throw away from the port. You can use your car to hike up the volcano. Although it’s a bit tiring to walk up because of how steep the road is, I tell you It is most definitely WORTH IT!

My photos don’t even do this place any justice. It’s just so magical. The wind is so refreshing and it’s a good place to just stop and think about life.❤️

This would probably be the only time that I’m happy that my friend was going through a heartbreak. If it were not for that, I would not have been able to go there.😂

PS. Brad, if you’re reading this. Haha sorry.✌🏼

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