Instax Square SQ10 Review

For Christmas 2017, my brother decided to be very generous and bought me my very own Instax Square SQ10. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!!!

I’m a sucker for photos, polaroids and such. Very expensive hobby, yes. So I was particularly excited that the Instax SQ10 was created. This beauty allows you to tale countless of photos and even edit it before printing. You can choose what you print before printing the polaroids. A HUGE convenience on my part.❤️

Another one of it’s very many perks is that you can use your previously shot photos and print them on your SQ10. All you have to do is to transfer the photos from your computer to the camera then print it!☺️

Btw, this is where I bought the stuff you can see in the photo:

Instax SQ10: 403.89NZD from Mighty Ape

Film: 60.49NZD from shunlovestella at Trade Me

Case: 17NZD from aliexpress

Notebook: 5.59NZD from aliexpress

If it were not so obvious, I love photos and journaling. If you love it too, then the SQ10 is a definite must buy. A bit more expensive than the traditional ones but very very very worth it.

Thanks again brother!

Here’s another plus!

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