Unplanned Memories

I don’t know why but when it comes to me and my friends, planning outings and night outs are a bad idea. Why? They never happen. But when we just get together and just go with the flow? It’s when we make memories that are truly worth remembering.☺️So today, Eli, Anjo and I just decided to meet up. Our friend Kenny couldn’t make it because he needed to catch up on some sleep. We went to a nice coffee shop in New Lynn to just talk and chill.😂 After that, we decided to go to Uptown Bounce. It’s this really cool place with a ton of trampolines. It was such a great work out though! 1 hour in there and I was out of breath. I was just jumping around! At only 10nzd an hour? Will definitely go back very soon!

After that, we decided to just go back to my place and chill at a nearby park. Very laid back outing but it was something that we all needed. A time to just relax and unwind from our busy work schedules.

Looking forward to future adventures!❤️

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