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For the past few days, I’ve been holed up in my room watching series and eating. Today, I gathered up enough strength to pull myself out of bed and actually be productive with my life. So, I decided to take myself out on a date.For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to climb Mt. Eden. Mount Eden is the highest volcano in Auckland. To get there, ride the western line train to Mt. Eden. After you tag off at Mt. Eden station, find this bus stop and ride bus 274 or 277.

Just tell the driver to drop you off at the base of the summit. Once you get there, it’s basically a 25-min (if you’re as unconditioned as me) hike to the top! It’s hot there so don’t forget to bring your cap and sunglasses and wear long sleeves. The climb up is pretty steep. 5 mins in and I was already out of breath.😂 It was so tiring but trust me, it’s very worth it!

The view is absolutely AMAZING!

Note: bring a friend there. Otherwise if you want a photo of yourself, you’re stuck with selfies!

Well, it was still too early for me to go home. So I decided to go to Henderson and treat myself to a movie! Henderson’s Westcity has the cheapest cinema (as far as I know) in Auckland. It only costs around 8.50nzd while others can go as far as 45nzd per movie!

It’s good to take yourself out every once in awhile. Just to unwind and spend some quality time with yourself.❤️

Don’t forget to shower yourself with love today!

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