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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Ever since I started living alone in a new country, I found out that there are things that I can’t live without. I’m not talking about the vital things like water, oxygen, food, etc. I’m talking about the MATERIAL things that I can’t live without, and here are 5 of them:



I don’t read my bible everyday (although that’s what I am aiming for) but my bible is definitely one of the things I can’t live without. It has been a blessing for me in so many ways. I easily get distracted so whenever I pray, it doesn’t make sense. I write down all my feelings, thoughts and prayer in my bible. It’s a way for me to communicate with the Lord. I’d like to think that God answers most of the prayers that I’ve written down here which is why this is something I definitely can’t live without. It’s very battered because I’ve been writing on it so much. Thanks to Nanay for covering it for me! ❤

2. My Camera28641287_1614319098689698_89953780_o.jpg

I love, love, LOOOOOOOVE Photography! This camera has been a total lifesaver for me. New Zealand is a very beautiful place and I hate carrying my dslr so this is ver handy. Although the Canon G7x Mark ii is for vlogging, it’s really great for taking photos! Most of my Instagram photos are taken with this camera.

3. Cellphone


My iPhone 6s is ESSENTIAL. I can’t live without it. It’s where all my socials are, where I edit my photos, and where I video chat my family and chat with my friends. I use it for GPS as well. ❤

4. Powerbank

28584456_1614323332022608_2018790369_oThis powerbank has saved me a LOT! The battery of my phone gets drained really fast so this is very useful for me. I bought it back in the Philippines for Php999 only and it’s 12000mAh. I bought it from my cousin’s fiancé. You can DM him on Instagram if you’re interested. His IG handle is: gerard_jay

5. Wallet28554923_1614322855355989_1608612121_o.jpg

Lastly, my wallet! For obvious reasons, it’s important for me because it’s where I put my money, cards, etc. Since I lose things easily, I’ve placed my car key, house key, Gym card and a CPR mask in my wallet. Fun fact: I left my wallet and keys one day at home and the people I lived went out of the city and wouldn’t be back until 12 midnight. So, I spent the day without food, jacket, and a place to stay. Thank God for friends though. They fed me and gave me a place to stay. ❤

There you go! The top 5 things that I can’t absolutely live without. ❤ What are the things that YOU can’t live without? Comment down below!

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