Best Ice Cream ever???


You know how some people will do anything for food? Well, today, my friends and I drove 64 kilometers just to eat ICE CREAM.


It took us about an hour and 30 minutes to get there.

Was it worth it??? YEEEEEES!


Pokeno is well-known for its ice cream. Being the gluttonous being that I am, I chose the cone with 5 scoops of ice cream. I had to eat it FAST because it was melting crazy fast. 28580530_1615634958558112_1678780339_o


See my happy and contented face??? Hahaha.


If you’re new in Auckland, here’s their price list. The name of the place we went to was Johnson Takeaways. They open at 9 am and close at 7pm.


I love last minute decision trips! They really turn out to be the best experiences ever.

Something EXTRA.


This right here is one of the reasons why I love Auckland. There are places all around Auckland wherein you get free books. You just have to replace the books you take with other books. This particular set up was really cute. My friend Basha was even able to fit inside!!!


My Homies. ❤

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