Have you ever had one of those days that you just want to pack everything up and leave? When you want to escape from school, commitments, people who invade your personal space … ?

Today, I experienced that. I felt this sudden wave of anxiety that I just packed my things, got into my car and just drive. Mind you, I only started driving here in Auckland and I’m still afraid to drive around but I pushed through that fear because the feeling of wanting to escape was stronger.

I found myself heading to this one park that I planned to go to last Sunday but ended up not going because I had to pass by 4-5 roundabouts to get there. I am afraid of roundabouts. Roundabouts and motorways.😅 But despite my fear, I made it through the 4 roundabouts perfectly.

After driving for 15 minutes, I made it to Waikowhai Park.

The place is so beautiful! I’m lucky that I live in a place wherein there are a lot of beautiful spots that you can chill.

Before reaching this place where I took this picture, I had to walk around 5 mins through this path.

Little did I know that it was okay to drive down the beach. Yes, the park has a beach. I was able to do a little bit of exercise ’cause when I reached the beach, I was sweating. 😅

I found a bench and decided to do a little light reading.

I picked this flower because it was so pretty.❤️

After awhile, I walked back up and found this spot.

I took a lot of photos up there.

I love you too- 😂❤️

Counting the days until I can finally escape for good.😭

What started out as a crappy afternoon turned into a semi-good one.

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