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Mount Maunganui

It’s Holy Week! To celebrate the long weekend, my housemates and I decided to go on roadtrip. We went to a lot of places and I’ve taken around 500 photos.😭 So instead of making a really long post, I’ve decided to make several posts so that it’s less tiring for me.😉 haha.

PART 3: Mount Maunganui

So to start off the long weekend we drove out of Auckland to climb Mt. Maunganui!

Mt. Maunganui, which is located in Tauranga, is a 230+ km away from Avondale, which is where I currently live. It usually takes around 2-3 hours to get there but because of the heavy traffic, it took us around 4 hours.

It was all worth it though! The view was absolutely amazing! It’s a 20-30 min climb to the top.

Instead of making a long post about it, l’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.😉

Part 3 of our long weekend adventure ends here.😂 Stay tuned for more long weekend posts!🙌🏼

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