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The Redwoods

It’s Holy Week! To celebrate the long weekend, my housemates and I decided to go on roadtrip. We went to a lot of places and I’ve taken around 500 photos.😭 So instead of making a really long post, I’ve decided to make several posts so that it’s less tiring for me.😉 haha.

Part 4: The Redwoods

If you find yourself driving to Rotorua, then you should definitely stop by this place! It’s absolutely magical!

While walking through this magical forest, I can imagine Bella from Twilight calling out Edward’s name after he left her. That’s what all boys are good at… leaving.😔😔😔 (HUGOT alert! 😂)

We only had 20 minutes to take pictures here so we were not able to do the activities in this place. But if you’re interested, you can check their website for details:

Stay tuned for more long weekend posts!!!

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