3AM thoughts

It’s exactly 3AM when I decided to write this post. Here’s proof:

That’s my Angkong. My grandfather.

I just finished watching Freedom Writers for the nth time. The movie is about how a teacher was able to change the lives of her students. What the movie impressed on me was that we have the power to induce change. (I’m not even sure if induce is the right word. I’m sleepy so my brain is not working but I want to express my thoughts now ’cause I’m sure I will forget it tomorrow.)

I remember one CCF pastor talking about something along the lines of making a difference in the workplace. We are all capable of making a difference. Nothing is coincidental in this world. I firmly believe that everything is according to God’s plan. This means that we are all exactly where we were meant to be.

So this got me thinking…

If I am where I am meant to be, how can I make a difference in the workplace?

What can I do? What SHOULD I do?

How can I glorify my God at work?


I should sleep.

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