Life Update

It’s been AWHILE since I last posted. Don’t come for me! I’ve just been really busy and well… I honestly didn’t feel very motivated to post anything. I don’t want to post anything even I wouldn’t read.

I’m not sure if anyone reads my blog, but to those who do take the time to read my posts (YOU DA BEST!), I think I owe you guys a life update. A lot of stuff happened in two months. I’ll try to keep this post short.

Okay, first off: I GOT MY EARS PIERCED… TWICE! One thing people may not know about me is that I’m afraid of needles! I remember my parents having to restrain me to the chair everytime I had to have my blood extracted. I hate pain so getting my ears pierced is a HUGE DEAL. I was legit scared to the point that the lady who pierced my ears offered me a teddy bear! Yes. I know. PITIFUL.

Second, in an attempt to lose weight for my cousin’s wedding, I started playing soccer again. I’ve played a couple of games with the girls from Team West Auckland. I forgot how much I used to love soccer.

Third, I started to get into Film Photography. So far I’ve managed to finish 6 rolls of film. Planning to have them developed soon for a blog post so stay tuned.😚

Fourth, I got a ROOMIE!❤ Life’s been more fun with her and I rarely get lonely these days because of her. I didn’t want to get a roomie before ’cause I was afraid that I wouldn’t get along with her but she’s honestly one of my closest friends right now even though I just met her roughly 2 months ago. 😁 Love you girl!

The reason why I was really busy the last few months was because I was juggling my part time job and work placement. It’s basically an internship wherein we were assigned to work for different organisations. I was assigned to TANI. It’s an Asian health promotion organisation. Working for them was definitely one of the best learning experiences of my life.

Another not so major milestone that happened in the last few months: WE GRADUATED! Nancy, Eli and I finally finished our course here in New Zealand. It was a long journey filled with procrastination and sleepless nights making our assessments but we finally made it!

The most important life update started with this group of people. ❤

Our church, the Christ Commission Fellowship started a series called Life Goals. We held Dgroups or bible studies every Thursday night at the Mansion and it was very life changing. I’ll be posting what I’ve learned during this mini series and I hope you’ll enjoy it. ❤

A lot happened during the past few months. We partied a lot, one of the mansioners went back home to the Philippines (miss you Ate tin!), we went on several unplanned mini road trips, we met a guy who donates books and buildings, etc. It was certainly eventful. Right now I’m waiting for my work visa to be approved so I have a lot of time on my hands. I feel more motivated to focus on my blog again. So I guess this is my way of saying I’M BACK!

Hope you enjoyed my life update. Feel free to offer suggestions and ideas for future blog posts down in the comment section.❤ Till I write again!

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