Lock down

6:00pm New Zealand time. I found someone to cover my shifts for the next 2-3 weeks. I have done all the paperwork that the acting house leader has to do every month. I’ve sorted out the roster. I’ve done the house grocery shopping. It’s official. I’m unemployed…well, just until the lock down ends.

Here I am, sitting on my bed, listening to Feel So Close by Calvin Harris (and lowkey crying  because it reminded me of Damon and Elena) trying to think of ways to keep myself preoccupied in the coming weeks. I have way too much free time and trust me, Shane + Free time = OVERTHINKING. That’s something I don’t want to do.

Apart from catching up on my reading and finally finishing my Physiotherapy Licence application here in New Zealand, I decided to start working on this blog again. If I do end up overthinking, might as well type it down right? I heard that that can be therapeutic. I guess we’ll have to see. I have no idea what I’ll be writing. I guess we’ll see how this goes. At least I get to work on my writing which needs a lot of improvement.

I guess this blog post is me trying to tell all my readers out there (if I do have any readers, and if you’re a reader “Heeyyyyyy I appreciate you!”), that I am back! If you have any suggestions as to what to post, just comment down below. 😀 Looking forward to hear from you!

Till I Write Again,

XoXo (I’ve been obsessed with Gossip Girl recently. lol)




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