Journal Entry Log: Gelo’s Graduation

March 9, 2018. Angelo's Graduation.❤️ So proud of you bro! I call him bro now 'cause someone thought I was his sister.😅 Right after the ceremony, we went out to buy food and celebrated at Gelo's new place in Henderson. Was able to eat the closest thing New Zealand has to Jollibee's Chicken Joy. It… Continue reading Journal Entry Log: Gelo’s Graduation



After months and months of waiting, the day of the FALL OUT BOY concert finally arrived!!! My friend Kenny bought my ticket last November 2017. I have been waiting for 4 freaking months for this day! It was WORTH THE WAIT. I arrived at the Trust Arena in Henderson at around 6:30. The concert wasn't… Continue reading FALL OUT BOY!❤️❤️❤️


Waitangi Holiday Adventure Favorite Photos

Matapouri Beach. We went all the way up one mountain to go to Mermaid Pool. I didn't bring my camera though because we had to swim first to get to the mountain. The climb up and down was so steep and I didn't want to hurt my baby.😂 Whangerei Falls This woman sat on the… Continue reading Waitangi Holiday Adventure Favorite Photos